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Pharmaceutical technology aspects in the development of cosmetic dermatologicals / emollients


Emollients are an integral element in the management of dermatological conditions. These basic formulations, originally developed as dermatological medications, often have to be applied over prolonged periods because many dermatoses are chronic in nature. Patients and dermatologists are increasingly calling for conditioning skin care products developed on the basis of the latest dermatological findings. Besides reliable efficacy, safety and quality of skin care are becoming steadily more important.
While classically prescribed, usually hydrocarbon based emollients still predominate in therapeutic practice, there is also an immense variety of differently formulated skin care products of high medical and cosmetic quality for skin conditioning and protection. Dermatologists therefore find it difficult to give their patients specific recommendations for skin care because much information relevant to the products is not available and the quality of the various products is not immediately apparent. As a result of this development, the requirements placed on topical administration forms in terms of application characteristics have also increased.
The move towards modern, well tolerated and elegant dermatological preparations has been further promoted in the last few years by trends such as wellness and anti-aging, which also means there will be a growing demand for reliable skin care products in the future.

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